Hello, I’m Back

Welcome to Simply Tina blog, my personal blog.

Hello friends, after a year, I finally decided to continue posting my nonsense here.. but wait, I have to get used to blogging again. Its been sometime that I posted something personal.. I guess this blog fits right to air my sentiments and happiness.


Creating a Colorful Wardrobe

Black may be safe and staple in your wardrobe but during these hot summer months, they are a boring choice! Why not refresh your colors and go for more interesting fashion items. There are hundreds of colors, neons and metallics that you can choose from. A pair of white and blue sneakers will go well with skater skirts and printed skinny jeans on trend. When it comes to underwear, floral and lacy items are cute and sexy so why not pass off the black for once and enjoy a refreshing pair of colorful undies. Black clutches are acceptable for an evening affair, but for an afternoon meet up with your girls,  try these tissot watches  and pick out something with a happier hue – pastel pinks and lavenders are great choices.

Dancing at Summer Parties

Summer in the Philippines has officially started. The hot and dry weather during this season sends both locals and tourist to some of our most beautiful beaches. Aside from swimming and other activities in the water, al fresco dining, romantic sunsets and beach parties are also very exciting to look out for. Usually musicians bring out their instruments such as acoustic guitars, beat boxes and hand drums to entertain and liven up the audience. Salsa, reggae and bossa nova are just some of the best played music line when bands are out on the beach.

Advocacy Campaign For the Youth

My friend excitedly shared with me her new learnings from the meeting she attended last week. Apparently, youth focal persons of different agencies are starting to work together to create programs for the youth. They will be using different media platforms which are popular with the youth such as mobile phones and social media to deter them from wrong information about contraceptives, alcohol, smoking and drugs. They will also have a road show and give out brochure printing to schools and other venues where there are youth convergence.

Getting Ready For Summer

Summer is such an exciting season for everybody in the family. It spells fun and vacation for the kids and it is also a great time to explore beach resorts and experience beach parties while you are there. Many people are starting their summer early while others are still preparing to achieve that summer-ready bodies. Isn’t it more fun if you do Zumba dance moves and sweat it out over cool bass drum heads with your friends and family? Schedule a regular session with them and dance your heart away. Soon you’ll be having that summer-ready figure that you always wanted.

A Sunset Themed Wedding Flower Arrangement

Themes for weddings adds spice and excitement to the traditional that’s why brides to be put in a lot of effort in ensuring that everything blends well with her chosen theme. For sunset themed wedding, a unique wedding flower arrangement should be well-thought of. Choose colors such as purple, gold, blues and pinks. Recreate this by grouping lighter colors on top and deepening them as they progress downward to the bottom of the arrangement. A sunset bouquet should have tinges of pink that slowly turns to purple as the sky turns to dusky blue. Pink carnations, pink roses, irises and the purple campanula and lisianthus, bronze and copper colored roses are ideal flowers for a sunset themed flower arrangement.

The 7107 International Music Festival

There had been plenty of hype about the recently concluded 7107 Music Festival which happened in Clark, Pampanga. It was joined in by many international and local music artists including the ever popular Red Hot Chili Peppers. Many celebrities were also spotted during the said event. The sound system was amazing, maybe because they used something like the Roland MDH 12 at Guitar Center as one of their equipments. For these kind of big events, organizers should always go for the best equipment to ensure great sounds for even the best musicians will sound lousy when substandard musical equipments are used.

Spring x Floral Fantasy

 photo spring-fashion.png

Spring is finally here, a season well known for its floral prints, sheer fabric, and bright colours.It is a transition; a form of goodbye to winter, and a greeting to summer. Even if the Philippines is a tropical country with our weather staying constant as the rest of the world go through different seasons, the fashion lines introduced here is constantly ever-changing! This time, there is a vast contrast as sweaters are replaced with printed shirts, and boots, substituted with sandals.

And this equates to… More shopping! A girl can never have enough clothes, and the best part about spring is that the clothes you bought can be used through summer as well, without seeming as if you are dressed for the wrong season.

Affordable clothes are available almost everywhere, and being spoilt for choice can sometimes cause conflicting thoughts as to what you need, and what is considered abundance. To make the right decisions, I suggest you flip through fashion magazines and observe how celebrities style themselves, and take note of professional opinions from fashionistas or fashion advisors. This will help narrow down the things on your shopping list, and you’ll be able to get good buys which you would look good in.

If you can’t find the clothes you want in a mall, you could always turn to online shopping! Online shops like Zalora, usually have a variety of clothes from brands that you can’t find in a mall, and not to mention how there would not be a need to wait in line to make payment or push through a crowd to get to a dress you noticed from afar.

Worry- Free Day Out

 photo stfrancis-logo.png

I was out with my family shopping for new clothes when I noticed an elderly lady walking and checking out shops along with her attentive companion. These days, you hardly see older ladies enjoying a day out at shopping malls or walking in the park. It is even nicer to see older couples dating and spending enjoyable time over dinner or tea down town. Elderly health concerns make many older people worry about traveling or enjoying their time outdoors. In-home elderly care such as services provided by St. Francis In Home Care makes day out, shopping dates and socializing easy and convenient for elderly people.

A Quiet Me-Time

For your mental and physical well-being, it is important to set aside some time each day when you are able to be peaceful and by yourself. Sit quietly, read, paint, pray, listen to a relaxing music or engage the mind in a focused, yet relaxing activity.

The other day, after hearing the results of my thyroid exams, I was very happy that I don’t have to go through operation instead I have to take medication for 2 months. After that, I will get another blood test and ECG.

After that, I wanted to reward myself so after buying all the medicines at Mercury Drug, I went to Salon de Quoture to pamper myself. I had foot spa with manicure and pedicure! It was a nice and quiet me-time at the salon.

Thank you Lord for the blessings and the gift of life!